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Last Upated: 5 MAY 2009
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Welcome to The ModPopPunk Archives!
This web site feature PowerPop - Punk Rock - Mod Revival bands biographies, discographies...
The bands listed here were active between mid 70s to mid 80s .
Please don't hesitate to email me any additional informations about the bands listed...

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The Poison Arrows plays furious power pop punk with glam roots that is catchy and anthemic as all hell and raging with attitude.

Gig of the Month
24 MAY 2009
@ the Black Box, Belfast. N.Ireland
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Reclaim The Street



Long Tall Shorty for the very first in Germany on 30 May, Schokoladen, Berlin.

The end of May sees the Newtown Neurotics travelling over for a gig in Spain on Saturday May 30th @ the Wurlizer Ballroom in Madrid.

Sing Sing Rds have reissued "Big Time" 7" (and soon "I-Spy" 7") by punk rock band RUDI from Belfast

Menace with guests Special Duties @ The Gaff, Islington, London 27 June.

From New York, USA, Stamford Bridge have their 1st 7" released on April 2009 (Oi! The Boat Rds). This bootboys band are influenced by '78 Powerpop and '77 Punk rock bands and they sound great.

In June, The Pointed Sticks will release their first album of all new original material in 29 years on Sudden Death Records.

Suzy & Los Quattro @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Paris(France) 28 May.

Squire, Long Tall Shorty, Killermeters, TR3, Teenbeats, The Risk, Small World, Sta Prest ... @ Mods Mayday Weekender 2009 Sound Bar, Birmingham, 2 May 2009.

"Mod-Eration" is the complete history of '79 mod revival band RUN 229 's recordings. One of the most brilliant self-reissue record you'll hear this year.

A tribute to 80's British Mod band The Risk is coming on Twist Records .

The Purple Hearts with support from Long Tall Shorty @ The 100 Club, Oxford Street, London. Sunday 21st June.

THE BITE / THE CUTE LEPERS "Blitzinformation EP" . 4 great melodic punk tracks by two of the best powerpop / punk 77 bands around.

With his first solo effort - Soul Vacation - Lukas SHERFEY (ex The Movement) show us his ability to combine Rock and Soul and references like Paul Weller and Elvis Costello. The album contains 11 strong tracks and if you dig the Mod thing and the new soul wave this album is definitely a must!

THE TWINKLES are looking for booking agency and promoters all over Europe. They 'd like to tour France, Spain, Germany and UK.

SOMETHING FIERCE "There're no answer"s - hot blast of punk powerpop influenced tracks on this new CD.

THE Q " Issues "' is the long awaited debut from this UK Mods from outta Gloucestershire.. This limited 10' vinyl EP features 4 songs that have a pure 79 mod revival sound inspired by bands like 'The Jam' and 'Secret Affair'. Produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven ( legendary former producer of 'The Jam', the 'Turning Japanese' single by 'The Vapors', etc ). And these guys provide much more than catchy Power Pop and Mod tunes. The Q leads by example in the song writing stakes, capturing that working class edge and displaying a keen social conscience, reminiscent of early Townsend or Weller.
Time For Action Rds

Gus Chambers passed away at the age of 52 on October 13, 2008. He was singer with the Coventry punk band SQUAD - having stepped into the shoes of Terry Hall who left to join the Specials.

THEE MAKEOUT PARTY 's new CD " Play Pretend " is being released on power-pop-oriented label, Teenacide Records .

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