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A's: Words - Teenage Jerk Off

ABRASIVE WHEELS: Maybe tomorrow - Just another punk band - The army song

ACCIDENTS: Blood splattered with guitars

ACCIDENT(UK): Blitzkrieg bop

ACCIDENT(US): True detective

ACCELERATORS(UK): Reason for treason

ACES: One way street

ACT: Sure fire - Skip the beat

ACTION: Get back to meto - She's Got My Heart

ACTION NOW: When wednesday comes - Then and now


ACTIVE DOG: Fun while it lasts

ADICTS: England - Marie Whitehouse - Johnny was a soldier

ADVERTS: New church - Bored teenagers - Great British mistake

ADVERTISING: Ich libbe dich - Stolen love

AGENTS: Modern girls

AGONY COLUMN: Love in the head

AHA: Whiskey

AIL SYMUDIAD: Garej patadwys - Edrych trwy y camerau

ALIEN BEAT: Stora barn

ALIENS: Follow that girl


ALTER EGO: Tell that girl to shut up

AMBER SQUAD: Six of me - (I can't) put my finger on you - Can we go dancing

AMBULANCES: Its all up to you

ANDREE & THE DANCERS: Russian girl

ANGELIC UPSTARTS: Guns for the Afghan rebels - Pride of our passion - Teenage warning


ANTI PASTI: One friday night - Freedom row - Six guns

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE: For you - Streets of London - Let's break the law

ANY TROUBLE: Yesterday's love - Turning up the heat

APARTMENT: The alternative

ARLIS: No way baby - I Wanna Be

ARTFUL DODGER: Come close to me - Think think


ATLANTICS: When you're young

AUTOGRAPHS: While I'm still young - Fabulous

AUTOMATICS: When the tanks roll over poland again

AVENGERS: Second to none - The american in me

AVO 8: Is this the end - Gone Wrong

BACK SET ROMEOS: Zero Ambition

BABIJ JAR: Ice age

BACK TO ZERO: Your side of heaven

BADBOLL: Badboll lever! - Radio

BADFINGER: Andy Norris

BADGE: Dancing - Tomorrow - Instant girl

TERS: Tomhet - Droga för att vaga

BALONEY HEADS: I'm a drunk

BANDABLES: Love lies down

BANGS: Call Me Out


BARRACUDAS: Summer fun - Surfers are back - Grammar of misery

BATMEN: Get on your kness - Never again

STIV BATORS: It's cold outside - Make up your mind - Not that way anymore

BBC: Love you all night

BEE CEE CEE: You gotta know girl

BEARS: On me - Insane - Decisions

Paul Collin's BEAT: Don't wait up for me - Walk out of love

BETHNAL: The outcome - We've gotta get out of this placer

BETRAKTARNA: Nästan allt

BIG M: I want you

BIJOU: Pas comme vous - Sidonie - Le tueur

BIKINI: Le vide de tes nuits - Nouvelle morale

BILDSTÖRUNG: Retortenkider

BLADES: Ghost of chance - Hot for you - Muscle men

BLAZERS: Country Girl

BLESSED: American bandstand

BLIND ALLEY: Whistle march

BLITZ: Someone's gonna die - We are the boys - Razor in the night

BLITZ: You Don't Have To Tell Me

BLITZ BOYS: She told my friends

BLITZEN: Snart fast

BLITZZ: Degeneration

BLONDIE: X Offender - Hanging on the the telephone - Dreaming

: Danger sign

BLUE MEANIES: Pop sensibility

: Mary Jane


BOBALOUIS: Not a second chance

BODENS FÄSTNING: Människor av plast

BONGOS: Glow in the dark

BONYTHON PARKAS: Until tomorrow

BOOMTOWN RATS: Looking after number one - (She's gonna) do you in

Hemliga BOSSE: New image every day

BOYFRIENDS(us): Wrapped up in a dream - I dont want nobody - I need your love - You're the one

Andrew BOX & THE SHAMES: Ge mig en pilsnerfilm

BOYS(UK): Independent girl - Monotony - Cast of thousands - First time

(US): You make me shake - She's my girl, she's all mine - I'm not satisfied

BOYS(AUS): When you're lonely

BOYS(SWE): Brudar brudar - Vi tar vad vi vil

BOYS LIFE: I Found Her

BOZOS: Weekend Girl - Fool out of me

ANDREW BOX & THE SHAMES: Ge mig en pilsnerfilm

BRAKES: Blame it on the Brakes

BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY: Girl of my dreams - Can't Give You Reasons

BREAKAWAY: One way ticket - Walking out of love

B. RIFF BAND: Waiting Beside

BRIARD: Superstars

Brian COPSEY & The COMMOTIONS: Boys in love

BRIGADES: Janis would say - Riot and dance

BRIGHTON 64: JP - Te da igual


B.T.P.FOLDERS: Radio - All of a sudden

BUDDY LOVE: I just wanna hold yo

BUGS: NRP - Döda Döda

BUREAUCRATS: The grown up age

BUSINESS: Saturday heroes - Drinkin' and drivin' - Spanish jails - Out in the cold

BUZZ: Insanity

BUZZCOCKS: E.S.P. - Nostalgia - I don't mind

CALAMITES: Toutes les nuits - Malhabile

CAMERA SILENS: Realite - Pour la gloire - Sans sursis

CANDY: Whatever happened to fun

CARPENTER JOE: Dangling man

CARPETTES: Nothing ever changes - I don't mean it - Youth rebellion - Away from it all - Dead or alive - Cruel honesty

Tina CARTIER: C'est mon choix

CARTOONS: Lunchtime love affair

CARTOONS(AUS): Feel my heartbeat

CASE(SWE): Svara halla

: A travers la nuit

CHECKMATE: Only fools pretend to be happy

CHEEK: Do you have a soul?

CHEESE: Kids don't mind

CHEFS: 24 hours

: Trouble is the day - Evacuate - All the downs

CHERRY BOYS: Too much confusion

CHILD: Here comes summer - Caroline and me

CHORDS: Something's missing - In my street - Maybe tomorrow

CHOSENS: Bargain basement lover

CHRONICS: Test tube baby

CHRON GEN: Lies - Living next door to Alice - Breakdown

CICHLIDS: Did you ever

CIGARETTES: You were so young - I've forgot my number

CIRCLES: Angry voices

CITIZENS: T.V. woman

CIVILS RADIO: Weekend weekend

CLASH: Career opportunities - Janie Jones - Clampdown

CLASSICS: Audio, audio

CLERKS: When the lights go out - No good for me

CLUB WOW: The Nights Are So Long

CLUES: No vacancies

COCKNEY REJECTS: Oi! Oi! Oi! - East End - Bad man

COCK SPARRER: Take 'em all - The Sun says - Riot squad


COLORS: Rave it up - Growing up american

COMETS: Big business jokes

CONTACTS: Young girls

CONTAINER: Together with you

CONTINENTALS: Fizz pop - Two lips from Amsterdam

CORTINAS: Television families - Tribe of the city

COSMETICS: Perfect life

Josie COTTON: So close

CRACK: Easy street

CRAMP: She doesn't love me

CRASH STREET KIDS: Into you - Little girls

CRITICS: You can't lie

Cost of love

CROOKS: Modern boys - The beat goes on

CRYERS: Shake it up - I'm on fire

Clive CULBERTSON: Time to kill

CYANIDE: No progress

CINECYDE: Anyway you want it


Clive CULBERTSON: Busy signal

CULT: Frontier - I always lose my temper - It'll take time

De CYLINDERS: Computer rock

CYNETICS: Vilaine secretaire

DC 10's: I can see through walls

DA BIZ: On The Beach


DAGENS UNGDO: Den sanningssökande hunden

DAGOES: Little Blackie

DAMNED: Love song - Smash it up - There ain't no sanity clause

DANCE SET: Melody smiles

Phil DANIELS & THE CROSS: Welcome to the party


DARYL & THE CHAPERONES: My baby's a spy

DATE X: Trappuppgang - Brinnande Liv - Room 21

DAZZLERS: Lovely cras

DB COOPER: Had enough

DEADBEATS: Choose you

: All this and more - Ain't nothing to do

DEAD END KIDS: Have the right

DEAD KENNEDYS: Kill the Poor

DE CLASS: Semlan brinner

DEE & THE MONITORS: Play with fire

DEFECTS: Defective breakdown - Head on collision - Killer on the streets

DEFENDANTS: Such a spiv

DOCENT DÖD: Hejb - Bensin I blodet - Much to much

DEPRESSIONS: Chains & leather

DESAXES: Je veux qu'elle revienne - Teenagers électriques


DICKIES: Rosemary

DIODES: Tired of waking up tired - Midnight movie star - Shape of things to come

DIRECTIONS: 3 bands tonite - Weekend dancers

DISGUISE: Hey baby

DIRECT HITS: English girls - She's not here, there or anywhere


DIRTY RUST: Squaller

DISCO ZOMBIES: Heartbeat love

DISTRACTIONS: It doesn't bother me - One way love - (stuck in a) fantasy

DOLLY MIXTURE: How come you're such a hit with the boys

DONKEYS: Don't go - You jane - No way

DONUTS: She may be your girl

DOTS: I don't wanna dance with you

: Time out

DP's: Television Romeo - Born to win

DRAGS: I wanna be a carnie - Tedster

DRIVERS: Tears on your anorak - Finchley girl - Found the right time

DRONES: Corgi crap - Can't see - Be my baby

DUMMIES: When the lights are out

DUSTCOLLECTORS: I don't want to go

DYAKS: Gutter kids

84: Salted city

EASTERN DARK: Johnny & Dee Dee - Julie loves Johnny - Julie is a junkie

EASY ACTION: En ganska rolig lek

EASYBEAT: I don't give a dawn - Om du g ör mig lycklig

EAT: Catholic love

EATER: Outside view - Queen bitch - Sweet Jane

EBBA GRÖN: Ung och kat

EDDIE & THE HOT RODS: Do anything you wanna do - Quit this town

EDITH NYLON: Edith Nylon - Tank

: Me and the boys - Hight school nights

Jimmy EDWARDS: Nora's diary

ELECTROCHOC: Chaise electrique

ELEVATORS: Your I's are too close together


EMERGENCY!: Blomstertid

ENEMY: Murder on the streets

ENGLISH: Hooray for the English

WILLIE ENGLISH: I can't have you

EPICYCLE: Hardcore punk - You're not gonna get it

ERAZERHEAD: Teenager in love - She can dance - Apeman

: From the garage straight to your heart - Depression

ESCANDALOS: Aqui y ahora - Nada en la cabeza

ETER: Ruin


EUROPEANS: On the continent

EXCEL: I never knew - Tonight in the park - Rock show - Bad news - What went wrong - 1979 - One of the boys

EXILE: Disaster movie

EXIT: Out in the street

EXITS: The fashion plague - Cheam

EXITS(2): Apathy - Glandula Angela

EXPLOSIVES: A girl like you

EXPRESSOS: Want - Hey girl - Baby be bad to me - Tango In Mono

EXTAS: Kom tillbaks

EXTAZ: Min docka



4 MANDARINES: Ease my pain

FAD: Think

FADERS: Library book

FA KANDA MAN: Bomber som faller

FALLEN ANGELS: Housten tower

FANS: Hell have to go - Stay the night - You don't live here anymore - True love

FANATICS: Mobilisation generale - Train fantome

FAST: Kids Just Wanna Dance - B-Movies

FASTBACKS: It's your birthday

FAST CARS: The kids just wanna dance

FATAL CHARM: Glitterbit

FAVOURITES: Angelica - Favourite shoes - SOS

Charlie FAWN: Blue skies

FEATURES: Monday friday

FILM: Kad si mlad

FINDERS: Talk to me - Hideaway - Hideaway


FIRST STEPS: The beat is back - She ain't in love - Anywhere else but here - I got the news

Ian FISHER: Girls like that - It's a riot

FISCHER Z: Marliese


FLASH CUBES: Christi girl


FLOO FLASH: N'importe quoi - Un jour de plus - Mon époque

FLYS: We don't mind the rave - EC4 - I don't know

FM: Estou farto

FORGOTTEN REBELS: Eve Of Destruction - 3rd homosexual murder - Memory Lane

FOTO MODEL: Kiki - To nisi ti

FOUR SQUARES: I want her i need her

FOXY: Lit de poupée

Stanley FRANK: S'cool days

FRESHIES: House beautiful - Yellow spot


James FREUD & THE RADIO STARS: Modern girl

FUN 4: Singing in the shower

FUNBOY FIVE: Compulsive eater

FURYS: Say Goodbye to the Blacksheep
- We talk, we dance

GANGSTERS: Best friend - Don't rely on me - Harlow town

GARBO'S CELLULOID HEROES: Only death is fatal

GAS: Ignore me - Swalow - It Shows In Your Face

GASOLINE: Killer man

GENERATION X: One hundred punks - English dream

GENEVA: Geneva street

GENTS(Ger): Modern time

GERMS: Media blitz - Communist eyes - Lexicon devil

GIFTED CHILDREN: Painted by numbers

Nick GILDER: Runaways in the night

GIRLS: I beg your pardon

GIZMOS: 1978

GLO: Du e du - Nästa helg sa kanske

GLOIRES LOCALES : La fille de l'Infirmerie

G.N.R.: Portugal na CEE - Se um GNR

GO: Gerri G - Ricki - You're the one


GOD'S HEART ATTACK: Treat me like a doll

GOD'S LONELY MEN: Heaven sent you - The last goodbye

GOTEBORG SOUND: Ung och stark

GPS: Panique sur la plage - Samedi soir

GRADUATES: If you want it


GRUPO PARLAMENTAR: Só por ti - Na minha terra

Randy GUN: I do


GUL A BLA: Precious to me

GYMSLIPS: Robot man

HANGOVER: Sick society - Time is running out - Goodbye


HARDTOPS: Indian giver - I know a girl

HAWKS: Lonely nights

HEADACHE: Can't stand still

HEADBOYS: The shape of things to come

HEADLINE: Scrounger

HEARTBEATS: Stuck on you - Thinking of you

HEARTBREAK: Gör va du vill

HEARTBREAKERS: Born to loose - Chinese rocks

HEARTBREAK HOTEL: Ride in the city

HEAT: High school sweater

HEATS: I don't like your face


HENRY ESSENCE: 14 year old lover

HEROS (Les): Elle a le nom d'un cocktail

HETSJAK: Tusen ögon och en natt

HI-FI's: Look what you've done

Jeff HILL: Feel like loving you

HJARTATARNA: Nummret till en ängel - Nummret till en ange

: We all hate myself

Pete HOLLY & THE LOOKS: Did i say

HOLLY & THE ITALIANS: Tell that girl to shut up - Baby gets it all

HOLLYWOOD KILLERS: Goodbye suicide

HOT NASTIES: I am a confused teenager

HS ART: Den kvarblivna myran - TV-Älskarens bön

HUBBLE BUBBLE: Born a woman - New Promotion

HUNS: Busy kids

: She's no fun

IINCEST BROTHERS: Dödens v äntrum

INCREDIBLE CASUALS: Money won't buy you happiness

: Inget pa - The modern girl

INFA RIOT: Catch 22 - Rock all ye faithfull - Five minute fashions

INFORMATION: Fri konkurrens

Mad about that girl

INJECTES: Quitte à vendre mon âme au diable

INNOCENTS: One way love

INNOCENTS(AUS): Sooner or later - Come tonight

INTROZE: Kids in uniform - The naggin' song

INTERVIEW: Hide and seek

INVADERS: Rock methodology - Girls in Action

(LES) IMBIBES: C'est pas facile tous les jours

I.Q. ZERO: I'm in love

IRA: Pobre Paulista

JACKS: It's Not True

Joe JACKSON: Don't wanna be like that - Get that girl

JACK & THE RIPPERS: Don't pretend - Loser - Safe and secure

JAGS: Back of my hand

JAM: The modern world

JAPOP: Blodspengar - Dodens stad -24 karat

JANNE ANDERSON POP: Min bäste van - Redan försen

JERKS: Are you strong enough?

JETS(UK): Tearawa

JETS(US): Paper girl

JETZ: Catch me

Genetically Stupid

JILTED JOHN: Jilted John

Johnny CURIOUS & The STRANGERS: Jennifer

JOHNNY MOPED: No one - Darling let's have another

JOLT: Decoyed - See saw - (Can't you tell)It's over -

JUDY'S: She's got the beat

JUMPERS: Hello girl

JUMPERS(swe): Hang around me babe

JUST BOYS: Teacher's pet

KALIN: Le fond de la rivère Kwaï

KAMBRONES: Les doigt dans le nez

KAMENBERT: Ultimo Grito - Tuve Una Novia Psicodelica

Billy KARLOFF: Let your fingers do the talking - Crazy paving - Back street Billy

KEYS: I Don't Wanna Cry

Tommy KEENE: Landscape - I can't see you - Nothing happened yesterday

KICKS: Get off the telephone

KIDS: Fascist kops

KIDZ NEXT DOOR: Kidz next door

KILLERMETERS: Twisted wheel

KILLJOYS: Johnny won't get to heaven

Mark KJELDSEN: Something's happening

KLARK KENT: Don't care - Ritch in a ditch

KNIFE EDGE: Favourite girl

KNOW: I like girls - The first time

KNUGENS HAF: Du är inte ensam

KOMINTERN SECT: Dernier combat - Plus fort que tout - Dans la nuit

KOMMISSARIE ROY: Lev idag - Storlek 48 - Klippanpåg


KOPTERZ: Around the world - Immune to you

KÖTTGROTTORNA: Människor smakar gott


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